Summer Nights Heat up St. Mary’s Stage as St. Mary’s Kids Blow the Audience Away with Their Rendition of the Musical Film “Grease”

St. Mary’s Kids Practice for Weeks to Perform the 1970’s Hit Musical for Staff and Patient Families at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children

John Travolta and Olivia Newton- John would surely be pleased with St. Mary’s Kids spectacular performance of the 1970’s popular musical film “Grease.”

The T-Birds and the Pink Ladies all came together to recreate the sensational hit that awed audiences across the world during an era of the Greasers. 

Children in St. Mary’s Pediatric Day Healthcare Program (PDHC) worked with St. Mary’s staff for weeks to practice their parts and learn the musical jingles and dances that had everyone dancing and jiving at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, one of the region’s premier providers of intensive rehabilitation and specialized medical care for children with special needs.

Perfectly imitating the mini skirt, disco and Greasers era, the boys were dressed in black t-shirts with rolled up sleeves, white socks and black shoes, and the girls were adorned with pink flared skirts and jackets and fancy colored wigs. The kids performed some of Greases most popular hits such as “Hound Dog,” “Hand Jive,” “Beauty School Drop-Out,” and “Greased Lightening”

During the weeks leading up to the performance St. Mary’s Kids, battling complex medical and life-limiting conditions due to serious illness, injury or complications of premature birth, were also taught about the culture of the 1970’s era and learned about the historical memories and accomplishments that helped shape today’s society.

St. Mary’s PDHC program provides therapeutic and medical after-school, weekend, and summer camp programs for children and young adults who have cognitive and physical disabilities. The program encourages independence and teaches patients to build basic life skills and coordinate and participate in events such as plays and musicals.


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