The Dark Knight of Bayside Defeats the Wicked Joker

Children of St. Mary’s Put on Superb Performance of “Batman” the Musical

First there was the comic book, then came the cartoon, the movie was a number one hit on the charts. But no one could portray one of the world’s greatest superheroes better than the children of St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children.

With the help of St. Mary’s staff, children from the Pediatric Day Healthcare and Camp Program (PDHC) practiced for weeks to perform their rendition of “Batman”, the Musical, and a superb one it was. The children left the audience in awe with their amazing talents.

The musical was another aspect of the innovative approaches caregivers use to promote healing. PDHC staff work with children to promote their skills, confidence, and independence using rehabilitative and recreational activities in a nurturing and fun environment.

As children, staff, and families excitedly gathered to cheer on the bayside performers, the lights were dimmed, the music simmered in the background, all became quiet, and then – the Dark Knight himself appeared to claim his victory! Greeted by loud screams and roaring laughter, the caped crusader began his journey to defeat the Joker with his sidekick, Robin nearby.

The real-life costumes and makeup created by staff and children set the scene for the world-wide fictional story to come to life. The Joker looked intimidating as ever and no one could wipe that smile of this face. Batman’s cape along with his black mask was enough to scare away the whole city. Even the President of the United Sates made a special entrance as the kids jokingly screamed out, “Obama, Obama, Obama.” It was a day no one should have missed.

The big surprise came at the end when staff joined the performers on stage and sang a very special song that really hit home – Mariah Carey’s, “Hero.” Leaving most of the audience in tears, it was the perfect ending, to a perfect musical.

At the request of their fans, St. Mary’s kids may even put on an encore presentation. Staff members look forward to discovering more of those hidden talents and skills, and are already planning their next performance.