The Seventh District Association Support St. Mary’s Center for Pediatric Feeding Disorders

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children Chosen to Receive Seventh District’s Largest Gift

Continuing the traditions and carrying on the missions of its founding fathers, the Masonic Brothers of the Seventh Manhattan District, The Seventh District Association is constantly engaging in selfless acts of giving and supporting underprivileged and physically and mentally disadvantaged children. St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, one of the region’s largest providers of intensive rehabilitation, specialized care, and education for children with special needs, is no stranger to that generosity.

Josh Brotter, Robert Silver, and Richard Johnston of the Special Projects Committee of the Seventh District Association, presented St. Mary’s with a $35,000 check in support of St. Mary’s Center for Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program, the only interdisciplinary feeding program in New York State that helps diagnose and treat feeding disorders in children from birth to 12-years old. This gift brings the Seventh District Association’s total giving to St. Mary’s to over $200,000.

“Over the past 10 years, the Seventh District Association has always shown a tremendous commitment to St. Mary’s by supporting our critical needs and helping us to expand our broad spectrum of pediatric care. We are very grateful for their continued support and they are truly responsible for making a difference in the lives of children with special needs,” said Edwin Simpser, MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at St. Mary’s.

The Seventh District Association has been an instrumental part of the post-acute care that St. Mary’s provides to over 4,000 special needs children each day throughout the New York Metropolitan area, and their kindness has left a lasting impact on St. Mary’s children and their families. Their donations have included funding for a safer playground for St. Mary’s kids, healthcare equipment, as well as many of the hospitals programs including St. Mary’s Pediatric Palliative Care Program and the Center for Pediatric Feeding Disorders Program.

This year, The Seventh District Association also chose St. Mary’s as the recipient of their largest gift. To show their deep appreciation and heartfelt gratitude, St. Mary’s presented Mr. Brotter and the Masons with a special plaque created by St. Mary’s young patients that read, “Thank You for Being Our Champion.”