Why We Walk- Team Christopher

“St. Mary’s has become a part of our family”—Bernadette Cocharelli

Bernadette Cocharelli went through a nerve-racking and frightening experience in March 2002, when her baby boy Christopher was prematurely delivered by C-Section because he had suffered a massive stroke in utero. “I was devastated and unsure of what to do,” she shares, “Until a woman name Julieta Muller from St. Mary’s came to the hospital and took us by the hand!”

That meeting had a significant impact on Bernadette and her family. “We were never left questioning what to do next.” She said. “Between services, programs, supplies, and a shoulder to cry on, my husband and I found that St. Mary’s had become part of our family. It has been 13 years and we still have the strong support that we received that first day. I don’t know how we would have handled the challenges that my son faced if not for the guidance and compassion of the staff of St. Mary’s!”

Today, Bernadette is leading a Walk team, aptly named “Team Christopher” at the 2015 Walk for St. Mary’s Kids, scheduled for Sunday, May 31st at Crocheron Park in Bayside, NY. You can join or support Team Christopher by visiting https://events.stmaryskids.org/goto/TeamChristopherC

The Walk for St. Mary’s Kids features fun activities that families and the entire community can enjoy. This year St. Mary’s will offer bike helmet fittings where members of the community can receive free bike helmets for their children. All proceeds from the Walk go to benefit programs and services provided by St. Mary’s.

We invite you to support NY’s most remarkable kids by joining us for the Walk. For more information visit the Walk Website at https://events.stmaryskids.org/walk2015. You may also contact 718-281-8890 or info@stmaryskids.org for additional information.