St. Mary’s Leadership Training Program

St. Mary’s Leadership Training Program

Making an Investment in Our Employees

 At St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children, we invest in our patients. We work with some of New York’s most vulnerable children by providing care, support, and assistance to children and their families. We work to improve the health and well-being of our patients and it shows.

St. Mary’s is now taking an important step with our employees with the new St. Mary’s Leadership Training Program. The program has been carefully developed by our Human Resources Department after conducting regular employee engagement surveys and routine exit interviews. The information we have learned and collected has been studied and allowed us to draw conclusions about the workplace environment at St. Mary’s.

There has been positive insights from these feedback sessions, but one area of need that was routinely mentioned was the desire for advancement and opportunities for career enrichment. To address this need, St. Mary’s is proud to launch its Leadership Training Program.

The program has been designed for those employees with little management experience but with a lot of leadership potential. The employees have been selected to participate in a comprehensive study and training program that will span over two years. In order to provide these employees with the support and training they need for success, the program has been carefully crafted with the best techniques and latest innovations the industry has to offer.

Program options include workshops from the American Management Association and various in-house mentored sessions. This includes a book club, regular internal management training and invitations to St. Mary’s quarterly leadership meetings. Participants are given the chance to learn what it takes to be a leader and see leadership in action.

Upon completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate to mark their achievement. They will also be honored at employee events for their accomplishments. The Leadership Training Program can then serve as a stepping stone as they pursue their career goals moving forward.

The St. Mary’s Leadership Training Program is open to all employees. In order to be considered, an employee needs to submit an application that documents their potential. The applications require a current resume, a cover letter, and key employment references included. Applicants are then screened and assessed on their merits before final selections are made.

With the completion of the application process, we are proud to announce that we have finalized the selection of our candidates. Please join us in congratulating the newest participants in the St. Mary’s Leadership Training Program.

They are:

  • Desiree Borre, Patient and Family Services
  • Daniel Devine, Development Department
  • Kelly Dougherty, Rehabilitation Department
  • Lisa Doyle, Managed Care Department
  • Janine Landini, Nursing Department
  • Claire Mahon, Recreation
  • Daphne Walker, Home Care

We wish all our participants all the best as the St. Mary’s Leadership Training Program officially gets underway in 2020.

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