Fior Lugo: St. Mary’s 1199 Nurse of Distinction Award Winner

Fior Lugo: St. Mary’s 1199 Nurse of Distinction Award Winner

Fior Lugo has been recognized for her dedication and excellence in nursing. Recently, she was awarded the 1199 Nurse of Distinction award by St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, which honors Registered Nurses for outstanding achievement and commitment to patient-centered care.

Nurse, awardFior Lugo has made incredible strides during her career at St. Mary’s Hospital for Children. She is compassionate, kind, and clinically sound, with advanced knowledge and leadership skills. In addition, she is bilingual, allowing her to provide valuable support and education to Spanish-speaking families.

She earned the respect of co-workers, supervisors, and the multidisciplinary team because of her pleasant demeanor and ability to interact well with children and their families. Through her Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) and interest in pursuing her Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), she demonstrated her commitment to lifelong learning.

Throughout her career, Fior Lugo has advocated for her patients and their families. She is passionate about providing quality care and ensuring our pediatric patients receive the best possible treatment. Currently, she is a member of our Nursing Practice Committee and is sure to make a valuable contribution.

Fior’s passion for her work and commitment to improving the lives of those she serves is an inspiration. We congratulate her on receiving this well-deserved award and thank her for her dedication to nursing! Congratulations Fior!

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