Arts & Crafts Idea: Bird Nest

Arts & Crafts Idea: Bird Nest


Arts and crafts provide children with a unique, fun opportunity to develop their fine motor skills and promote cognitive development. Since creativity involves exploration and problem solving, it serves as a creative outlet that can help teach children to think outside the box.

St. Mary’s Arts for Healing Program has been proven to sharpen the minds of St. Mary’s Kids, as well as condition their speech. Kids with medical complexities who are exposed to the arts are able to free their imaginations from constraints imposed by physical limitations.  In doing so, these kids achieve increased levels of confidence and self-esteem, as they develop new skills and approaches to seeing the world in a whole new way.

Check out this cute craft  St. Mary’s St. Mary’s Early Education Kids made this Spring:

Birdies in their Nests

Materials used: Styrofoam bowls, crumbled butcher paper, brown acrylic paint, paint brushes, Elmer’s glue, pomp oms, orange construction paper, and googly eyes

To make your birdies first make sure you have all your materials accounted for and ready! Once you do, start with painting your Styrofoam bowls with the brown acrylic paint to create the nest your birdies are going to live in.

Then, while your nest is drying, cut out some small triangles and rectangles out of the orange construction paper, around the size of your finger nail, these will become the beaks and feet of our little birdies! Next, pick your favorite color pomp poms and using the Elmer’s glue, glue two googly eyes in the center as well as the triangle beak and rectangle feet we just cut out, these are going to be your Birdies!


Now, make sure your nest is at least somewhat-dry and add, with a little glue, some crumbled up butcher paper inside the bowl. This will make it more comfortable for your birdies to relax in their nest. Finally, place your birdies in their new home and you’re done!