Celebrating 150 Years of Big Hearts Helping Little Patients

St. Mary’s Next 150 Years

Our roadmap is committed to improving the health and quality of life for children and families with special needs.

For the past 150 years St. Mary’s Hospital for Children has provided a continuum of care to children and young adults with special needs and life-limiting conditions. Through challenges of premature birth, serious injury or illness, physical impairment, genetic disorders, or chronic conditions, St. Mary’s is driven in our desire to comfort, care, and heal our patients.

Reflecting on our successes over the past 150 years, we look forward to celebrating the next 150 years through innovative approaches to treatment that will allow the children at St. Mary’s to thrive.  

New Programs and Technology

St. Mary’s pioneers change by adopting new technologies to empower our impact on patient care.

St. Mary’s provides high-level care enabled by the construction and expansion of 21 ventilator-equipped beds.

St. Mary’s strives to create breakout programs such as our locomotor training program.


We believe it is important to be stewards of infection prevention, especially during a global pandemic.

St. Mary’s is helping children with mobility limiting conditions through participation in research projects such as Trexo Robotics.

St. Mary’s pioneers the model of patients and families acting as full partners in treatment, and care aimed to improve quality of life.

St. Mary’s is launching the Center of Innovation and Research as a method for community activation to develop ideas that enhance and save lives.

St. Mary's is taking advanced precautions to guard against Coronavirus.Learn more before visiting